Westone Thunder II & Prestige 150

Being a newcomer to the ‘exclusive’ Westone club I must admit a clear preference for the Prestige, a no-relief mahogany Japanese Gibson-style guitar. The Thunder II is a very classy number too and it offers a more refined tone articulation what with its ash body. But not quite as much sustain as the Prestige does….

***SOLD*** Marshall 9005 Transformer

*** EDIT JUNE 2017: IT IS NOW SOLD *** Original Drake 120A-1 from 1992 in good working order. Contact me if you blew up ur Marshall 9005 power transformer. I’ll even send you a complimentary 230 Volt fan to prevent this failure from happening again to you.

**SOLD** Marshall 1960AV

Loaded with 2 V30 and 2 G12H-30. Perfect match, one of the best sounding 4X12 speaker assortment, together with 4 x G12-65 and 4 x Electrovoice EVM12L.  

**SOLD ** JCM2000 DSL 100w

Not a bad sounding amp, it is rumored that Richie Sambora and Paul Gilbert take them on tour, and Lord knows these two dudes don’t take much on tour, especially not their wife or girlfriend. DSL100s are really cheap on the second-hand market here in swinging France, fetching around 350-400 euros. Very full and round…

**SOLD** Two (!) Rare Marshall Tall model 2049 Cabs

The model 2049 cab (2×12″) and 2069 (4×12″) share the same very tall form factor, above 1 meter tall without even including the wheels, and a fairly shallow depth, at least 10 cm shallower than a 1960. They both have excellent projection and were designed to complement the ill-fated Marshall Artisté, which I personally like…

**SOLD** Marshall JCM800 Superlead 100w

A rare 100W model 1959 Superlead in JCM800 format, from 1983! Well preserved and fully functional. Punchy and very very loud amp! Clean PCB, no modification. 2 holes drilled on the back-panel that correspond to a FX loop which has now been removed.  

**SOLD** JCM800 2203 + Rare 400w Cab

A beautiful half-stack, with matching brown grillcloth (discolored black grillcloth that is, and this only happens with JCM800). While late 80’s horizontal inputs 2203s are usually all but remarkable, the cab is much more worthy of interest: a JCM800 1982B Cab loaded with 4 x 100w Celestion G12h-100. Huge bottoms and very straight sound, not…